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Aubrie's Fourth Month

snugglin' with mom.JPG

I look goofy.JPG

still look goofy.JPG

game's over.JPG

going out.JPG

poing out 2.JPG

love my bouncer.JPG

love my bouncer 2.JPG

grandma P.JPG

grandma P 2.JPG

does my ear look like that.JPG

scary face.JPG

i'm warning you!.JPG

bears everywhere.JPG

bears everywhere 2.JPG


snuggle with mom.JPG

nap time with mom.JPG

nap time with mom 2.JPG

flower girl.JPG


havn't figured out gravity.JPG

i'm sick of the camera.JPG

hanging with great grandpa.JPG

hanging with great grangdpa 2.JPG

hanging with great grandpa 3.JPG

hanging with great grandpa 4.JPG


summer in Rochester.JPG

the Pietrzak ladies.JPG

country line dancing 101.JPG

country line dancing 201.JPG

love you mommy.jpg

i bored.jpg

family pic 2.jpg

family pic 3.jpg

family pic 4.jpg

hey there.jpg



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